When you need to get sober and healthy, the caring professionals at Sun Ray Addiction are here to help you or your loved one navigate through each step of recovery.

Our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of our clients. Their successful recovery is our ultimate goal. We do everything in our power to give our clients the highest chance of success. By partnering with top detox facilities, hiring trusted professionals, and providing continued care through our Intensive Outpatient Partners and alumni program, we offer one of the strongest rehab programs available today.

Inpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs Available

Sun Ray Addiction specializes in inpatient treatment, we partner with the top detox and IOP facilities in the area to ensure that our clients receive the best care during each step of their treatment. Clients who choose inpatient treatment will begin their recovery at one of our partner detox facilities. Once this crucial step is completed, clients transfer to our modern rehab center to undergo the rehabilitation phase of recovery. After rehab clients have the option to enroll into one of our IOP partner facilities where they will receive continued care to ensure a complete re-entrance back into daily life.

Non-judgmental Environment

We pride ourselves on offering people struggling with addiction a non-judgmental environment as they follow the path to recovery. For many people, the shame and guilt associated with drug and alcohol dependence is overwhelming, keeping them stuck in the throes of addiction. Each person that comes to our facility seeking help can rest assured knowing that they will be treated with the utmost respect throughout their treatment.

Addiction is a disease that affects people from all walks of life. The staff at our treatment facility is here to help people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction without discrimination. People can come in without the fear of being judged, allowing them to focus solely on their recovery.

All our employees uphold the highest privacy standards. Our treatment center adheres to all rules and regulations set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

When you trust us to help get you back on the road to recovery, you can rest assured that your stay is confidential, so there’s no excuse to delay your treatment for a moment longer.

Contact Us for More Information on Our Treatment Options

If you are ready to get on the road to recovery, call us today at 855-301-2873 to speak with a recovery specialist. We are standing by to get you the help you need today.