Take The Next Step In Your Recovery With Our IOP Partners

IOP—The Intensive Outpatient Program

For people who are focusing on long-term sobriety, having access to ongoing support and intensive treatment is key to being successful. You’ll find the strong support network you need to overcome your  addiction when you choose Sun Ray Addiction for your recovery. Our clients benefit from continued care and support, through our robust and convenient intensive outpatient partners. Clients who choose an Intensive Outpatient Program as part of their recovery process improve their skills and strengthen the relationships they need to maintain their sobriety and fulfill their commitments to their education, their employers, and their family.

How IOP Works

The Intensive Outpatient Program offered by our partner facilities gives clients all the tools they need to support their sobriety. You’ll work with a team of professionals and get support from others who are going through the stages of the recovery process. Using IOP, clients gain knowledge of numerous recovery tactics that promote long-lasting sobriety. These include learning how to control and cope with drug and alcohol cravings, developing healthy ways to deal with and reduce stress, improving communication skills, identifying triggers and handling them in a healthy way, building stronger and healthier relationships, and many other techniques that can play a role in “making” or “breaking” your sobriety.

For many people, an IOP treatment program offers the support and structure they need throughout their personal recovery process.

What to Expect

People who choose to take part in the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program  can expect that they will be treated with care and respect. Our partner’s facilities feature small group settings that are led by medical professionals and addiction specialists. They strive to help with individual counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention, and aftercare support. Our close relationships with sober living facilities position us to help with referrals for these services as well.

Contact Us for More Information on Our Intensive Outpatient Program

If you are ready to get outpatient help for your struggles with alcohol or drug dependency, give us a call at 855-301-2873 to speak with an Intensive Outpatient Program specialist today. We are standing by to help you get on the road to recovery!

For people who are considering entering an IOP program for their substance abuse problems, it’s a step down from inpatient treatment.

The main goal and purpose of IOP is to help the client safely re-enter everyday life; it’s the next step in one’s recovery after inpatient rehab. IOP helps clients implement the skills they learned in inpatient treatment, for lasting recovery. All patients are allowed to go home after being treated, so it offers more freedom than an inpatient rehab stay.

While the idea of just seeking IOP treatment for addiction may seem appealing to many people, this approach to staying drug- and alcohol-free works best when clients have first undergone inpatient treatment to learn how to effectively manage their addiction. IOP reinforces what clients initially learned in inpatient treatment so they can continue their sobriety with professional, supportive help.