Our Intervention Partners Can Help You Or Your Loved One Get Help Today

Alcohol and drug addiction are serious problems that affect many people other than the addict themselves. When the pain and fear of watching as someone you love continues down a dangerous path are too much to bear, our intervention partners can help you convince your loved one that he or she requires treatment. In many cases, people suffering from addiction believe they have the power to quit using when they are ready. In reality, this delay tactic buys them more time to keep using drugs or alcohol and allows their behavior and lifestyle to continue degrading. Over time, the physical and psychological effects of being an addict result in low self-esteem, poor body image, depression, and further substance abuse.

What Our Interventionists Do

If you have tried and failed to get your loved one to seek professional help for his or her substance abuse problems, our interventionist partners can step in to provide an unbiased, non-judgmental voice in your fight to get your loved one to stop using alcohol and drugs. For many families, addiction is a delicate subject, and it is not easy to discuss the topic with the person who is abusing substances. A simple discussion can trigger fights, lead to negative feelings, and build up resentment on both sides of the argument. Our highly skilled, trained interventionists partners provide a rational, neutral voice as you persuade your loved one to get the treatment he or she needs to get better. They understand many of the tactics addicts use to deflect blame and delay treatment. Our interventionists offer a voice of reason, keep meetings on-topic, and often escort your loved one to the airport as he or she begins the recovery process.

Contact Us for More Information on Our Intervention Partners

If you are worried about the health and well being of your loved one, but nothing you say or do can motivate him or her to get the necessary help, call us today at 855-301-2873 to speak with a representative and set up a meeting with one of our trusted intervention partners. We are here to help your loved one get back on the road to wellness and sobriety.