Housing Facilities

Our clients reside in beautiful houses located in safe and peaceful communities near to our treatment center. The housing facilities are nicely furnished equipped with many amenities. We want you or your loved one feels at home while attending our treatment facility.

Our residential facilities vary from mansions to modern apartments and everything between. Variety is the spice of life. We want everyone who attends our treatment center to be comfortable during their downtime. Our primary goal is to keep you focused on becoming sober and a successful recovery. We can do so most effectively by taking your mind off of basic needs, like safe and comfortable housing.

Treatment Facilities

Our facility is located in a safe community. We provide you the best treatment available for your addiction, ensuring you the highest chance of a successful recovery. We do this by using the resources at our facility and a professional staff of experts in their field.

Our treatment facility is designed to promote interaction in support of your recovery. You will work with therapists, counselors, and others in various recovery-orientated activities. Some of the features of our treatment facility include:

Group session rooms
Smoking areas
Dining areas
Individual therapy offices
Recreational areas

For more information please give us a call 855-301-2873