With our alumni team,you are never alone

 Are you wondering what happens after the completion of rehab? This page will provide you with essential information about our alumni department, one of the key components of our facility that promotes a smooth transition into a life of sobriety and meaning.

Introducing our Alumni Department

Rehab is just one of the first stages towards a complete recovery, and our facility takes proactive steps to ensure that our clients achieve a full recovery from drug or alcohol addiction beyond rehabilitation. Even after leaving our facility, we are here to provide the support our clients need to stay on the path of sobriety. One of the most important ways we do so is by fostering a close alumni department, enabling our patients to transition into their new lives while benefiting from a support system of their peers.

Support is Essential to Long-Term Healing

Research shows that, especially in the early stages of recovery, it’s essential that patients have a strong support system that they can rely on. Without a firm support system in place, those in recovery will have to face the upcoming harsh challenges alone, which can have unfortunate consequences. Our alumni department functions as a bedrock of support to ensure that our patients transition into their lives of sobriety as smoothly as possible. Our ongoing initiatives and programming enable our patients to stay in contact with each other and with the facility, encouraging alumni to stay on the path of recovery.

Choosing a Facility with Alumni Support

Even when choosing the facility for you or your loved one’s rehabilitation,  it’s already important to start thinking about long-term results down the line. Facilities with active alumni departments, like ours, are significantly more effective than alternatives that lack the support systems that are instrumental to a full recovery. Wherever our clients find them selves after leaving our facility, they have the peace of mind of knowing that we are always here to support them. For many patients, that assistance has made all the difference.

Investing in your Future

Ultimately, we have made the strategic decision to invest a tremendous amount of time and resources into our alumni department since we know how crucial it is to provide ongoing support to our patients. Rehabilitation is a huge step in you or your loved one’s recovery, but the path continues long afterward, and we’re here to help each step along the way.